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OKSex.Chat Rules

OKSex.Chat Rules You risk being banned for violating any of these rules and are not entitled to a warning. Arguing technicalities will not protect you if you are violating the spirit of the rule

You must be 18+ to chat here

Please only use the English language while in our main room.This ensures our mods can keep the content of the site suitable for all users.

  • Welcome, Please do respect everyone within the chat.

  • 1. No flooding, trolling, cloning.
  • 2. No hacking, exploiting, spoofing.
  • 3. No posting links to other chat sites. (many are set to auto ban)
  • 4. No posting links to affiliate / personals sites. (many are set to auto ban)
  • 5. No posting mini urls (many are set to auto ban)
  • 6. No posting links to .exe or .zip files. (You might be banned on the spot. - Don't do it)
  • 7. No distributing personal information, even your own.(We'll assume you're a bot, or giving someone else's info out)
  • 8. No racism (Take this as your first and final warning)
  • 9. No Incest (No family related role-play including names such as "younger" & "lil"), rape, forced sex and bestiality user names. We will continue to work with police and government agencies to pursue anyone who attempts to endanger children.
  • 10. No typing in all caps. (Its hard to read and pretty annoying)
  • 11. No repeatedly messaging someone who clearly is not replying. (Take a hint... they don't want to talk to you) After getting 3 complaints from the user about someone will result in getting kicked or even banned.
  • 12. Don't share any mobile numbers in public, including your own number.
  • 13. Don't share any kind of underage images, videos, links, or not even a JOKE about abusing childs.
  • 14. Don't share any 3rd party images which are not porn images. Know the difference between porn and real images.
    1. Each room has its own personality and expectations. The Roleplay Chatroom likes detailed stories. Take your time to explore each room and you'll fit right in. Our moderators are regular people who are here to chat and have a good time. They do their best to keep things running smoothly and troll free. Please use the ignore feature if someone is annoying you rather than asking a moderator to referee an online squabble

    Private Room Rules only if you acquire one

    The use of uppercase in the names of the rooms is not allowed.

    The owner / creator of the room, is totally responsible, for everything that happens there. He is the moderator, responsible for complying with the rules. The OKSex.Chat team does not have access to private rooms, so the owner of the room is responsible for the way they use it.

    If there is, a report of non-compliance with rules, too many times in a row, in private rooms, OKSex.Chat team will have to act. Under these circumstances, OKSex.Chat has the right to enter the room, even if the room is private. And in the last case, OKSex.Chat team can delete the room.

      Whenever a user breaks a rule, you can change it yourself and inform him that he is breaking the rules, for OKSex.Chat to work properly.
      We are all moderators, there is a great rule that is common sense, let's keep OKSex.Chat clean and happy.
      OKSex.Chat is completely free to change the rules whenever it sees fit. Everything we do is for OKSex.Chat to work properly.
      If you encountered a problem with OKSex.Chat, report it to OKSex.Chat team . Please avoid negative criticisms, they are very demotivating for those who work.

    OKSex.Chat Team